Growing up with the name, JOHN GLENN, the idea that public service as a duty and a privilege to pursue has been ingrained in me from an early age. I was raised by an amazing single mom who fought hard for my sister and I growing up. My mom instilled the values that you should work in life to make this world a little better.  One of the fundamental reasons I am running is that I have known people can make a positive impact through public service.

I am an Architect by profession, it has been 40+ years since the last Architect has served at the Capitol. Through my work on projects from Scottsdale to Downtown, I’ve gained a detailed understanding of the chances for even more opportunities and growth in our community. I have had the privilege to serve our community for a decade whether it was on the Phoenix Planning Commission or the Central City Village where we worked to support our investment in Light Rail and begin to build a vibrant and walkable downtown. I have also served on a few start-up non-profit boards; Project Rising PHX which was a community-driven infill incubator that sought to develop creative solutions to vacant or undeveloped properties in downtown. 

As an Architect and a builder bringing people and interest groups together have been at the core of what I do. As your next legislator I will go to the Capitol with the principal mindset:

-        Invest in education

-        Build a 21st-century economy

-        Build stronger communities

-        Protect the most vulnerable.

-        Expand opportunities for all Arizonans.

I believe my decade of service and accomplishments has proven to give me the valuable experience needed to lead from day one at the state capitol. I hope I can count on your support in 2018.